But What Do I Snack On?

It doesn't matter who I'm coaching, the most concerning question for everyone is always,

"But What Do I Snack On?!"

Snacking, in general, is a funny concept. But we all love it. Food is enjoyable and we don't like waiting hours until our next meal. And people think snack foods aren't meal foods and meal foods aren't snack foods. I say they all can be either, but for some reason, we put funny rules on eating. Like eggs and bacon are only for breakfast and popcorn is only eaten at the movies, or bread and butter should be eaten as you wait for your table order, etc. Along the same lines, snack foods have become non-meal items like chips, pretzels, sugar loaded protein bars, quick n easy packaged foods that are not usually healthy for us.

My initial answer to the snacking question is to just have another meal. If you're hungry, eat, and eat the right things, you don't have to slave to "snack" foods. But, still, we're busy, we travel, we're on the go and we can't always eat another meal, so I've put together a list of food products and snack ideas that have helped many of my clients become successful snackers!

Below are simple products I personally love and use! 

In general, I follow a Paleo/Low Carb lifestyle so these snacks reflect that. Some are both Paleo and Low Carb, some are Low Carb but not Paleo. They are all zero to low carbohydrate and most of which you can pack with you wherever you go.

Select your favorite category below or scroll through to view them all! The best thing about this list is every product name and picture is clickable to purchase online if you don't have time for multiple store grocery shopping!


The Sweeter Side

The Savory Side

Foundations & Fillers

Sauces & Dressings


The Sweeter Side

1. Coconut Flake Cereal

If you like cereal and you're sad because you avoid cereal to avoid carbohydrates and sugar, these Paleo Coconut Flakes are a really close second! I use this cereal like snacking popcorn and eat them dry out of the bag in finger fulls. They are actually quite meaty and filling so even when you think you'll eat the whole box, you usually won't. 





2. Quest Bars

Simply....Mmmmmm...... These bars have grown to have a huge following and there are people who use them to create many other creative tasty dessert recipes. You can warm them into cookies, transform them into milkshakes, create mouth watering sweet sandwiches; the possibilities are endless.







3. Hail Merry Macaroons

I have to keep these in my refrigerator for those moments I'm craving dessert. They have good ingredients, but still made with maple syrup and coconut sugar so if you are looking for a completely sugar free snack, this might not be your best choice.










4. Dang Coconut Chips

Be careful to not buy the "Original Recipe" or "Caramel Sea Salt," due to too much added sugar! These are not really sweet or savory, but a very fun snack that you can elbow bend over and over without guilt. 






5. Go Raw Pumpkin Seed Bar

This is a "lower sugar" snack, but not sugar free. They use dates and agave nectar as the sweetener with 5g of sugar and 11g carbohydrate total. It's still less sugar than a piece of fruit! I rarely eat the whole bar at once as it's very filling and chewy to eat.  Be careful you do not buy the other flavors if you are truly watching your sugar intake. This flavor is the lowest that actually tastes good!




6. Lilly's Dark Chocolate Chips

When I want my dessert to last, I'll pour a handful of Lilly's dark chocolate chips and eat them one at a time. I let them melt in my mouth and savor each one! Great for low carb baking too!






7. Lilly's Dark Chocolate Bars

If you can't tell, I'm a chocolate girl. I keep a couple chocolate bars in the cupboard and break off a square or two when I feel the need! Lilly's makes many different flavors and my personal favorite is the Salted Almond & Milk. You can really taste the salt!










8. PB2

Sometimes, I am counting all of my Macronutrients for the day and I'm looking for something enjoyable that is high protein and low in calorie. PB2 is the best product for that! They have taken the fat out and the product is a powdered peanut butter. Just mix the powder with a little water and it's done! Quick and easy!








9. Justin's Almond Butter Packets

These packets are so great to keep in my purse while I'm on the go! I stick with the Classic flavor and leave the chocolate or maple flavors behind to save on the sugar!










10. Cashew Butter

At night I find myself looking for a little snack I can even eat in bed! Grabbing a spoonful of Cashew butter hits the spot and makes my stomach feel full and satisfied to sleep well!











The Savory Side

1. Grass Fed Beef Sticks

Have you ever tried to find a beef jerky that isn't made with sugar?! It's almost impossible! But here is a great product with quality meat, made with no sugar! Be careful to stick with Original and Jalapeno flavored. The Smokey Sweet flavor does have sugar in it!









2. Pork Clouds

I love Pork Rinds! The ultimate low carb/keto snack at zero carbohydrates! These come in Rosemary & Sea Salt, Malabar Black Pepper, Habanero Pepper, & Cinnamon Ceylon flavors!









3. Snack Olives

Companies are really getting smart for the low carbers out there. We can't cook all of our meals or pack them all up in tupperware. Some foods that would normally need refrigeration, can now be taken with you for the day! Love the snack olives packs!










4. Flackers

When I first became a low carber one of the hardest foods to give up were crackers. Especially around the holidays, when every party you go to has a spread of crackers with cheese or spinach artichoke  dip or hummus. Flackers gave me my party world back!! There are many flavors to try; Savory, Rosemary, Dill, Sun Ripened Tomato * Basil, & Currant (sugar in the currants). You can eat these by themselves or dip them in your favorite salsa, guacamole, chip dip, etc. 








5. Mikey's Muffins

You can be a low carber and eat sandwiches or english muffins! Made with eggs, almond flour, coconut flour, baking soda, and salt. 










6. Parmesan Crisps

"The Crisp made entirely of cheese" Need they say more? So delicious by themselves and I supposed you could use them like crackers and put more cheese on top!








7. Moon Cheese

Another 'all cheese' snack conveniently in there own little bags! 





8. Graze Bars

Grass fed beef. No sugar. No MSG. No Nitrates or Nitrites. 

Too easy!









9. Quest Chips

If you haven't tried these yet, try them! You can't eat them as fast as regular chips though! They are packed with protein which slows you down! Get creative and make some Nachos!!














10. Macadamia Nuts

The Kirkland Macadamia nuts are my favorite tasting Macadamia nuts. Low carb, full of tasty fat, and just the right amount of salt. It's hard to not eat them all, but if you're like me and tend to grab something every time you pass the kitchen, 1 or 2 macadamia nuts is a delicious option!








11. Almond Thin Crackers

Don't be fooled by the other "Nut Thin" crackers out there that have Almond Flour in them, but still have wheat, rice, etc. This Almond Thin crackers are made up of Almond Flour, Organic Flax, Chili Powder, Onion Powder, and Sea Salt. 




Foundations & Fillers



1. Miracle Noodles

Noodles!!! Rice!!! Okay, I will tell you that these do not taste like noodles or rice, but they are so fun to use to add variety to your meals. Stir fry with them in the pan or make them a base for your meat to sit on. Sometimes I like them plain, warm with butter and salt. 

They come in a liquid filled bag and you have to drain the liquid and wash it in a colander first. You can eat them cold or hot, although I prefer them hot and seasoned!












2. Paleo Wraps

Paleo wraps are 1 of 2 "tortilla's" I recommend. If you only want Paleo ingredients go for these. They are 4g of carbohydrate per wrap. Make a sandwich wrap with turkey, avocado, and the chipotle lime mayo below, or a quesadilla, or fold in peanut butter, or simply add butter and salt!






3. Low Carb Tortilla's

These are my households preference. I honestly can't taste the difference between these and real flour tortilla's. They do still have flour in them with 6g of carbohydrates per tortilla. My favorite snack is to spread kerry gold butter and sprinkle salt on top, fold in half, and enjoy like a butter quesadilla!











4. Almond Meal


If you are getting bored with how you cook your vegetables, try pouring some almond meal over them and stirring it up after you have sauteed your vegetables. The almond flour coats everything and can give it a fake fry or breading feel. 











5. Pork Dust

Another great product for low carb variety in your cooking! Use this Pork Dust like breading over your chicken or vegetables!











6. Dorot Seasonings

I love basil, garlic, ginger, and parsely, but I do not have time to peel, chop, and mince it all when I barely have time to shower! These are the easiest way to get big flavor into your cooking at home! It's stupid simple and people will wonder how you achieved restaurant quality flavor!





Sauces & Dressings

This has been one of the most versatile products I have ever bought. I mix it with my Genova Tuna to make Tuna Salad, I use it as a salad dressings or a sauce in my chicken Wraps. I dip my vegetables in it. I sautee my vegetables in it. 









2. Paleo Kitchen Salad Dressings

These salad dressings are must-have's in your refrigerator to add variety to your cooking. I rarely use them as actual salad dressings and more as a dip or a marinade when I'm grilling meat or fish!










3. Chipotle Lime Mayo

Again...needed in your kitchen for variety and lots of flavor to anything and everything! Salads, taco's (with low carb tortilla's of course), fish, tuna salad, etc. 












4. Kerry Gold Butter

The best tasting butter hands down! Made from Grass Fed Cows!









1. La Croix Sparkling Water

First, let me just tell you that you are talking to a soda nut! I LOVE soda, diet soda specifically, and sparkling water never came close. I now have not have a soda in 2 years and I have to thank La Croix for that! This sparkling water actually has a soda feel when you pop the can open and take the first sip. It hits the soda spot!!


2. Tejava Iced Tea


This is my favorite unsweetend black iced tea. I helped myself ween off of sweetened beverages with Tejava and now, I love it plain!









3. Pure Leaf Unsweetened

Iced Tea

My second favorite unsweetened iced tea. A bit more bitter tasting than Tejava, but bold flavor!










4. Cold Brew Black Coffee Concentrate

If you are spending too much money buying iced coffee's everyday at Starbucks, try keeping this product at home! Remember, it's Concentrate! Meaning, you add water to it!! You get lots of iced coffee servings with one jug!










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