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A Mother of a 1 Year Old

Today is Georgia's first birthday. She is napping right now and I am full of thought as I sit in my house surrounded by pictures of her. 

I'm not sad. And I'm not really tearful. I'm content. I'm peaceful. I'm who I am and where I'm supposed to be. A mother of a 1 year old. 

Many of my friends have had tears during this time as they look back at how fast the year went and how they only got a few weeks to enjoy each growing stage of their child. I kept waiting for the sad/happy tears to come and I thought there was something wrong with me when they didn't.

But my truth on this day is a feeling of pride and a new found confidence. Georgia has taught me that I can be a mother and protect her and love her and teach her and enjoy her, fiercely, everyday.  I am able to be someone I wasn't before her. She has given me new life. 

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