Not sure what to feed your baby? 

Need Healthy Options?

Slow Gaining Baby?


I can help! I'm a Mom and a Nutrition Expert. I have come up with a way to teach other mom's the beauty and balance of food that can help your baby thrive!


Introduce Healthy foods to your baby!

Start them young!


It’s amazing how many mom’s go straight to rice cereal as a first food when that food may not be the best for overall growth, brain health, sugar sensitivities as an adult, and vitamin nourishment. It's important to learn about the best foods to give your baby in general and set them up for a successful future. 

This program can work for all mom's and babies, especially mom's with slow gaining babies. After some initial questions and learning the history of your baby and feeding, I will be able to teach you the difference and importance between a Protein, Fat, & Carbohydrate and how to incorporate each one into your baby's diet in the healthiest way. 




I am happy to travel to your home. An additional fee of $50 will be applied to anyone outside of a 20 mile radius from Pinole, CA.


Email me at: juliana@julianajason.com

Or Call me at: 510- 799 - 2589

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**I am not a Pediatrician. I only help mom’s with babies that have started some solids or are ready for solids. When you are solely feeding your baby formula or breast milk and you have a slow gaining baby, that is for the expertise of your pediatrician or breast feeding consultant.