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But What Do I Snack On?

It doesn't matter who I'm coaching, the main concerning question is, "but what do I snack on?"

Below are simple products I personally love and use! 

In general, I follow a Paleo/Low Carb lifestyle so these snacks reflect that. Some are both Paleo and Low Carb, some are Low Carb but not Paleo. They are all zero to low carbohydrate and most of which you can pack with you wherever you go.

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6 Reasons Why You Get Cravings At Night

"Why do I always get cravings at night?" 

An all too common question I'm asked by my clients. And I've struggled with the same thing!

The six reasons below have more to do with the mentality of eating than actual needs to taste certain foods; better know as "cravings." As you read through them, challenge yourself to find your personal reason (or reasons) that may cause you to eat more at night.  

Keep reading for advice on what to do and my own personal snack recommendations!

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My Good 'Ol Dependable Bathroom Scale.....yea right.

My bathroom scale never fails me. It's steadfast, true, and dependable. No matter what, the number I see causes me sadness.

It doesn't matter if I've gained, stayed the same, or lost weight; I'm unhappy. And here's why.

In the past, when I was trying to lose weight (and failing), I would weigh myself every day. I couldn't get out of the habit. Sometimes, I would get off and back on again a second later, just to see if the number would be 0.2lbs lower than what it just was. Or I would weigh myself multiple times a day; clinging to the hope of seeing a low number that would bring me some joy in life.

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Freeze Dried Fruit -- Healthy Snack Right?!

Which snacks are the best for me? Questions about snacks are common and everyone is desperate to know what the healthiest snacks are. There are an infinite amount of snack products out there that spend lots of money on advertising to make you believe they are healthy, full of nutrients, will sustain energy, maintain muscle mass, and so on.

Freeze dried fruit snacks are very popular right now and they are available everywhere.  The calorie contents are very low, between 90 and 100 calories and always claim they are 100% natural, which they are.

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From Fat to Fit to Pregnant

You finally did it; you stuck to your plan and you lost the weight.  Did I say finally? It only took you about 487 fresh starts, 36 different diet plans, 16 purchased home exercise routines, 23 procured goal outfits, and countless dollars spent on all the above to actually, just do it.

Now you’re happy, proud, confident yet deathly frightened. You know that weight could come right back on if you even look at quesadilla, so you don’t. And you swear to yourself, you will do whatever it takes to never be fat again.

But, nobody tells you to add a provision to that contract; I swear I will never be fat again…UNLESS I get pregnant.

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