Great Christmas Gift Ideas for Mommy and Baby

(Because, lets be real. Effective gifts for baby, ARE gifts for Mommy)


It's time for Christmas shopping and I love recommending products that I personally love and use. Whether you know a mom who loves gifts that will make their lives easier or you know some babies that need awesome toys that are fun and educational, this is the best list for you!

I also LOVE efficiency (being a busy mom and all) so Amazon is my favorite place to shop. You can click on any of the products I've listed (titles or pictures) and the link will take you directly to Amazon for purchase. EASY! You're welcome. 

Scroll below for two separate lists! 

1. The "Help a Mommy Out!" Gift List: 

These are utilitarian items that I think every mommy needs to make parenting easier and more efficient as well as makes baby happier, so that's a gift in itself. 

2. The "I Want to Learn and Have Fun!" Gift List for Baby:

These toys are great for babies and toddlers to have fun and learn with. My daughter personally uses all of them!


The "Help a Mommy Out!" Christmas Gift List



This comes in two sizes: Deluxe (0-9 months) and Grand (9-36 months). I have both sizes and could not get through this sleep training stuff without them. They are great for co-sleeping, traveling, and crib/bed transitioning. And don't worry, they are breathable and safe!

2. My Little Seat

The My Little Seat is so perfect if you travel a lot with your baby, near or far, and don't want to lug the high chair around. It fits over the back of a chair and then you buckle your little one in. 


3. Camelbak Water bottle

This water bottle says it's for older kids, but I started Georgia on it just over 1 year old. We did start with sippy straw cups first so she already knew how to use a straw. Camelbak makes them really playful with a variety of fun patterns for boys and girls!




4. Hip Seats

The Hip Seat is seriously one of the best inventions ever!!! Babies like to be held. But they are heavy! The hip seat straps around you and you can pick your baby up and set them on the seat while you "hold" them. Great for short periods of shopping or birthday parties or just around the house. Many different companies make these. Here are a few.

a. The Carry Baby (This is the one I use right now and in the pictures below)

5. Car Window Shades

This car window sock fits over your car door window SO... you can still roll the window down and have shade! Genius!! 

6. Osprey Child Carrying Backpack

If you're active, or want to be active, this child carrying backpack by Osprey is pretty amazing. As you can see, we also use it as an impromptu high chair. 



7. Sportbrella

The Sportbrella is a very versatile umbrella that has a clamp at the base so you can clamp it to the stroller, a chair, or a pole nearby. It has two hinges and the shade is 50SPF!



8. Little Giraffe Blanket

This is just the sweetest, softest blanket. 


9. Grocery Cart Protector

Mommies spend a lot of time at the grocery store or Target, and the grocery cart seat protector is safe, eliminates germs, and is comfortable for your baby while you shop!



10. Stroller Hooks

As you can see, I use my hooks to the max! They fit around my stroller handle, making Christmas shopping so much easier! 



11. Back of the Seat Hooks

These hooks fit on the back of your car seats for your purse or grocery bags to keep the car organized and clean (because it's probably full of baby toys, clothes, diapers, and wipes, right?)

13. Wipe Warmer

As Georgia has gotten older, she notices the cold wipes more and more so it was time for a wipe warmer. If your baby hates diaper changes, it might be that cold wipe!

The "Let Baby have Fun & Learn" Christmas Gift List

1. BeginAgain Puzzle

BeginAgain makes some super cute puzzles with many different animals with a variety of difficulty. One side has numbers and the other side has Roman Numerals.



2. Xylophone

You can't go wrong, helping your baby learn to make music, even if they use the mallet as a chew toy. 



3. Musical Bunny

This Musical Bunny sings "If You're Happy and You Know It" and it modulates up a half step to a higher note for 3 rounds. It's super soft and claps when it sings. It's ears even flop up and down! 

4. Magnetic Drawing Pad

We received this drawing pad for Georgia's first birthday and I was afraid it was too advanced for her. But, check it out! This was Georgia's very first piece of artwork at 12 months old. Obviously, I am still so proud.


5. Language Blocks by Uncle Goose

Uncle Goose makes beautiful wooden blocks that come in many different languages (Spanish, Japanese, Italian, to name a few, and also has the periodic table and united states as well as much more)


6. HAPE Snail Shapes & Pull Toy

Georgia learned her shapes on this toy and we had a few plastic shape toys, but I think the weight of the wood pieces helped her want to hold the pieces and keep trying! You can also pull the snail around! He's on wheels! 



7. Wooden Bath Toys

There's just something about solid wooden toys that babies love! Georgia does not enjoy her bath unless she has a wooden man in both hands.

Posted on December 11, 2016 .