Babies are Heavy!

If your baby LOVES to be held, but HATES to be in a baby carrier, then you might be interested in this little seat I found while scouring the internet for every baby carrier product in the universe!! It's called The Carry Baby and it seems to not be very popular, as I use it often and mom's come up to me and ask me where I got it. They have never seen it before. I literally had another mom stare at me with her mouth open for about 2 minutes at a park birthday party!

My journey to find the right carrier for me began when it had been a couple of months after my baby was born and I was desperate to get out of the house. I bought about 15 different baby carriers and wraps and tried them all out as my baby screamed.

The expert baby wearing mom's would tell me: "babies will get used to it" or "just keep practicing"

Long story short; none of them worked and here were my main list of issues. 

Problems for me: 

  • too many straps
  • Couldn't buckle the top back without someone there to help me
  • I felt like I was going to drop her while putting her in it
  • We were too hot
  • I was scared of her head positions when she fell asleep

Problems for Georgia:

  • she hated being manhandled while I would put her in it
  • she got too hot
  • she hated being confined
  • she never got comfortable, squirmed and complained until I took her out and just held her

When she was too big for the infant car seat, she hated being in the stroller too. My only option was to hold her. And a 20 lb baby gets really heavy really fast.

So a long Amazon shopping search, led me to something interesting...

It's this little seat that you wear like a fanny pack to the side. You don't have to strap your baby in it! You can just pick your baby up and set them on the seat (instead of your hip) that is supported by the straps around you. If they want down, easy, just put them down, and when they want back up, just pick them up. No more in and out of straps!! 

Georgia and I can go anywhere like this! Grocery shopping, window shopping, coffee breaks, adventure walks, etc. I'm practically hands free and she has so much freedom to explore and turn and she's happy because I'm "holding" her. 

A bonus feature is the zipper and mesh pocket. I stick my wallet, phone, and keys inside, with baby on top and I'm off! 

It's truly the best thing I found for us. So, if your baby is like mine, then this might work really well for you! 

Hope it helps! Happy Baby "Wearing!"

Posted on October 22, 2016 and filed under BABY.